This wedding jetted me off to New Orleans; a place I never knew I actually wanted to see. Boy am I glad I got to check it off the bucket list (even if unbeknown to me). I was actually in my first trimester of pregnancy and became best friends with their famous Beignets, I'm still craving more! Brittany and James had planned a whole weekend of wedding festivities as 100% of their guests had flown in for their special day. From a New Orleans themed adventurous scavenger hunt around the French Quarter one evening to a rehearsal dinner on a cruise the next; their guests were very well taken care of.

The morning of their wedding I got to spend some quality time with my University "bestie" and capture some morning images of her and her bridesmaids before we were all bused to a beautiful Manor where we would eat an abundance of the southern flared cocktail style dinner and dance the night away.

Brittany was a true princess bride arriving via horse and buggy and leaving to explosions of streamers and fireworks.

It truly was magical.