Welcome to Castle Avenue Photography!

I’m Camilla; a dreamer, a hopeless romantic and ultimately a story-teller.

Random Facts:

1. Virgo
2. Wannabe Vegetarian
3. I learned English when I attended school for the first time
4. I love Flamingos (probably because I love Pink)
5. I’m the one who uses all the tissues during a sappy movie, a wedding or anytime my heart feels happily overwhelmed
6. Summer 2014 came with a lot of heartbreak so I created a personal blog to heal (www.castleavenueblog.com)
7. I can eat an entire box of Oreo cookies in one sitting
8. I am the mama of three little girls (preschooler & Twin Babies).


A little look into my life:

When I’m not taking photographs I am spending time with my not so little family; my husband Eric (whom I call Beau), our beautiful daughters Olivia. Audrey & Vivienne and our adorable four legged boxer Lily (yes we are “those” kind of people).

Since I can remember I’ve had a passion for photography but did what all kids do and went to university for something completely unrelated to my heart and then stored the degree in the closet (Business Finance from Western University). Luckily, life has a funny way of bringing you to where you belong.


My life’s passion is to capture people’s life stories and memories through my lens. Whether it’s a couple beginning a new life as one, the sweet excitement between expecting parents, soft moments of a newborn, the growing love between a family, someone starting their own business or any of those special moments in-between, they all make my heart smile. My goal is that the memories captured make your heart smile too.

I can’t wait to meet you!